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Dr. Michael Vaughn is a chiropractor in Savannah, GA. We love watching our patients get well. Our passion is identifying and treating the cause of your problem. We use a more holistic approach by utilizing chiropractic manipulation, diet, exercise, whole food eating, vitamin and mineral supplementation and massage therapy. We are a friendly facility that will treat you as a whole “real” person and not a number.

Chiropractic is the alternative to back and neck pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Michael Vaughn Chiropractor Savannah GA conveniently located close to Oglethorpe Mall and the Social Security office. We treat neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches migraines. Grew up in Savannah, GA. Attended Savannah Christian Preparatory School, Armstrong University and Parker University in Dallas TX. Currently serving on the Georgia Chiropractic Association Board of Directors for 2015-2017. Savannah Chiropractic Center was originally started in 1960 by Dr. William Vaughn, Dr. Vaughn’s father. Dr. William Vaughn practiced across the street from Forsyth Park for many years and moved to Skidaway Rd. across from Hillcrest Abby. Dr Michael Vaughn took over the helm of Savannah Chiropractic Center in 1990, relocated to the midtown area on Commercial Drive in 2002 and now happily serving patients in the Mall Blvd location.

Here at Savannah Chiropractic Center, we have many different services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing back pain, feeling out of alignment, or just want to get healthier, we can help.

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Dr. Vaughn

Dr. Vaughn grew up in Savannah, GA. Graduated high school from Savannah Christian Preparatory School. He also did his undergraduate studies in Savannah at Armstrong State College (now Armstrong State University) and finally completed his Chiropractic education at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX.

  • He is the best and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. He cares for his patients and it shows. His wife, Jackie is also very nice and caring. He has helped me tremendously with my back issues. I highly recommend him!

    Angie Holcombe Avatar
    Angie Holcombe
  • He never gave up. Worked hard and was caring every time I visited. Highly recommended.

    Mike Sueirro Avatar
    Mike Sueirro
  • I have gone to Chiropractors since my early 20's. I have had very good results with my different back and neck problems. This time my arm was giving me a really bad time and I decided to visit Dr. Vaughn on my friends recommendation, wow, what a pleasant experience with the treatment. But the thing that really got me was after I had been there several times I told him about how my wrists hurting. He took my hand and started checking my wrist and with a few shakes of the hand my wrist is back. I have more movement in them and the pain is finally going away. Well I found out he does feet the same! Who knew, not me for sure. So if you have any issues with being out of wack, I would definitely visit Dr. Vaughn's office! Tell him I sent you!!

    Laurie Williams Avatar
    Laurie Williams
  • A true "God Sent"! There is never a convenient time to be involved in an accident however when my daughter and I were recent victims in one, it couldn't have come at a worst time. After one brief phone call, Dr. Vaughn and his staff, set an appointment for the following day. After giving them basic information, they started the paperwork and even spoke with the "at fault" insurance company. There is an overwhelming sense of genuine care from the staff.

    I would recommend Savannah Chiropractic Center to anyone who need quick, professional care.

    Bronze ASMR Avatar
    Bronze ASMR
  • I'm thankful for Dr Vaughn. He has helped me with back pain, neck pain, and elbow pain. He cares about his patients and goes out of his way to help them. He is the first I go to when I have any kind of pain. He is a true professional.

    I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Jerry Barry Avatar
    Jerry Barry
  • I was in pain for a few months and decided to seek help, my dad recommended me to Dr. Vaughn. They were very welcoming people and it was a great atmosphere. Would recommend to anybody!

    skiler logan Avatar
    skiler logan
  • Dr. Michael Vaughn is the best. He has helped me numerous times.

    Jerry B. Avatar
    Jerry B.
  • Dr. Vaughn is an excellent chiropractor! He ran some tests and showed me that I not only had nerve damage but I also had a few weaknesses in my arms and lower back. We are now on track to correcting all of my pain.

    Edward Fox Avatar
    Edward Fox
  • I had been hurting for months. In just a couple weeks, Dr. Vaughn had me feeling better and worked out the kinks in my neck. Very knowledgeable. Go see him!!

    Cathy C. Avatar
    Cathy C.
  • Hands down a great chiropractor but a great person as well. A few weeks ago I was in so much pain and anguish that I truly felt my back was going to need surgery. I went to Dr. Vaughn on a whim because his office had an opening immediately. After the 2nd visit, I felt better than great. He has a plan and you begin to see his vision for you. Truly the absolute best person and chiropractor around.

    Kent Griffith Avatar
    Kent Griffith
  • God has truly blessed this man -he's practically a miracle worker! I've gone in all hunched over in pain as if I was twice my age and walked out feeling absolutely amazing - like a new person! I need more space than this. Lucky to have found him!

    Kibas Mommy Avatar
    Kibas Mommy
  • Excellent and caring chiropractor

    David Pennell Avatar
    David Pennell
  • Very nice Doctor great work on me

    Michael Watson Avatar
    Michael Watson
  • Dr. Vaughn is a great chiropractor. I HIGHLY recommend him!

    Diane KC Avatar
    Diane KC
  • I absolutely appreciate Dr. Vaughn and they do such great work! I would recommend to anyone. I also love the Hemp Lively CBD tinctures they offer.

    Todd Sign Avatar
    Todd Sign
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