Dr. Vaughn grew up with from a father who also treated patients with chiropractic care for 30 years in Savannah. “We did not have normal headaches or back pain in our family growing up. I was never absent from school unless I could hood wink my mother on how I needed stay home that day and not in school. Sickness was almost non-existent in our family. As kids when we did come down with a bug, it was not for long. I give credit to chiropractic adjustments. I thought it was normal for a fever to break within 5 mins after dad adjusted my brothers and I. As I got older I began to realize this was not normal, people would not understand when I tried to explain because this kind of lifestyle and treatment was so foreign to most people. I have a story to tell of how you can live a life of wellness of optimum health.”

Dr. Vaughn grew up in Savannah, GA. Graduated high school from Savannah Christian Preparatory School. He also did his undergraduate studies in Savannah at Armstrong State College (now Armstrong State University) and finally completed his Chiropractic education at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX.

You will see Dr. Vaughn’s wife around the office, answering phones, making appointments and welcoming patients as they walk in the office. Dr. Vaughn and Jackie have four children: Adelle, Lindsey (Seth), Drew (Kim) and Todd and three grand-children, Charlotte, Grace and Mills.